Sunday Worship

We have a rich variety of worship with a warm welcome extended at every service.

Our Main Worship is on a Sunday Morning at 10:30 am. This service generally follows the pattern below, and takes place alongside our Sunday Club, which provides separate activities for children and young people.

Music is led by our Music Group and occasionally a Youth Band.

1st Sunday of the month All Age Family Worship and Parade
2nd Sunday.... Morning Worship
3rd Morning Worship with Holy Communion
4th Morning Worship
5th (As appropriate) As Announced

This pattern is varied slightly by the seasonal festivals of Easter and Christmas

In addition, on the first Sunday of the month there is a 9am service with communion.  This is a quiet, reflective and more traditional act of worship than the 10:30am service.

Also on the first Sunday of the month at 7pm there is a Prayer and Praise service.  This is a much more relaxed form of worship with opportunity to share in testimony, prayer and song, as the Spirit leads us.

On the third Sunday of the month at 7pm there is a Quiet Reflective service offering time to be still.

We hope you can join us at any of our services to worship God together.