The Aldersgate Café

Cafe poster

The Aldersgate Café is open every Tuesday morning from 9.30am to 11.30am. It sells freshly brewed coffee, tea and homemade cakes. Hot chocolate is also available, as well as a selection of Fair Trade juices and biscuits.

Everyone is welcome, whether they plan to meet friends for a chat, need a sympathetic ear to listen to a problem or would simply like to read a newspaper.

Cafe in action

A children’s area, equipped with books and a variety of quiet toys, is designed to help parents or carers of young children keep their little ones occupied, while they enjoy a well-earned cuppa.

The café runs throughout the year, including half terms and holidays.

Do come and join us.

Photograph is of the foyer cafe area after it has been prepared for the cafe but ahead of the normal rush of people! Sunlight streaming through the skylights.